Jeff Dove

Day One Agenda

Learn more about what Jeff Dove promises to accomplish for us.

Eliminate Digital Fraud

With the way technology is changing and progressing faster than ever, cyber security is a huge necessity in today’s society. Jeff Dove will protect our safety by compelling the Social Security Administration to add multi-factor authentication to every interaction where someone must present a Social Security number.

Election Security

Jeff Dove is protecting the democracy of our country by ensuring that our elections are safe and secure. Once Social Security numbers have multiple added layers of security, every citizen should be required to send a picture that can be displayed on the card at no extra cost to the taxpayer.

Level the College
Admissions Process

Every student deserves a fair chance to receive a quality education. Jeff Dove will push for academic institutions that accept federal funding to move to a system of blind admissions. That way, students are accepted to a university or institution based solely on merit.