Jeff Dove

On The Issues

Unleash the Potential
of Small Businesses

Small businesses face unique challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential. More often than not, complying with government regulations can be more expensive for business owners, which makes it more difficult for them to create jobs and hire more workers.

Jeff will work to reduce the burdens of government overreach and give small businesses the freedom they need to grow jobs.

Invest in a Strong &
Durable Infrastructure

The pain of our long commutes is unacceptable. They take away time from our families and money out of our pockets. Congress must do better.

As your congressman, Jeff will continue to work towards executing his three-point plan:

  • Increase collaboration between federal and local governments to be more pro-active and not reactive.
  • Support more telework opportunities for employees in public and private sectors.
  • Champion policies that both increase funding and eliminate waste so we can ensure tax dollars are going to good use and not just padding the pockets of contractors.

Reignite the Healthcare Market

Our current healthcare system lacks the transparency and competition that would allow it to work best for us and our families. Out-of-pocket costs and rising premiums are unacceptable and are forcing families to make unnecessarily tough decisions.

Jeff will work tirelessly to increase the quality of our healthcare options, reduce costs for our families, and fix our broken healthcare system once and for all.