Jeff Dove Campaign Q4 Fundraising Outpaces Republican field in Virginia 10 Race

The Jeff Dove campaign has been building momentum and that momentum continued to roll through the 4th quarter. The Dove campaign raised $146k which is better than the 3 other candidates that posted financial numbers in this race combined.

The majority of the contributions that are coming in are from small donors from around the nation. Dove’s campaign is at 81.4% of the contributions coming from small donors(Open Secrets). That shows real grassroots support behind the Dove campaign.

Dove noted “We have really worked hard to give those that don’t necessarily have an avenue to allow their voices to be heard. My campaign is powered by the people and not the special interests.”

This national support shows that the Democrats do not have a stranglehold on the small donors. The Dove campaign is poised to go forward through this nominating process and onto a win in November.

Dove is an Iraq War combat veteran and a businessman. He is married to his wife Stephanie and they have a daughter named Serenity. Dove is running to replace Wexton in Northern Virginia’s 10th District.